Encountering FEAR

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Encountering Fear for peaceful long life

Fear is just because we are living only with Our mind, misidentifying ourselves as a livewire. Our fear is always about what’s going to happen next, which is always about which does not have any existence. Our fear is about the non-existent, imagination, illusion etc. all acknowledged as Maya (illusory energy) by revealed scriptures. We are always suffering either what happened yesterday or what may happen tomorrow. Our suffering is always about that which does not exist, simply because we’re not ingrained in reality. We’re always with our mind, which basically functions as acceptor or denier which is also part of memory and imagination. Both the imagination and memory are in one way the hallucination, because both of them don’t exist right now, which is the basis of Our fear. If we are ingrained in reality, there would be no fear. Fear in one sense can be called insanity, because it just a hallucinatory energy of mind or believing in what does not exist.

What fear does is it puts boundaries around us. It is because of fear that we build boundaries all the time. If we put boundaries and restrict the area of Our life, to feel safe or even we may be safe but the problem is are we really safe from the common problem of life like birth, diseases, old age or death? Are we protected from the repeated cycle of birth, diseases, old age and death? If yes then, that’s real protection! If not, then we should think of looking out of the box boundaries we created.

The universal trigger for fear is the threat of harm, which could be real or imagined, in any case all are non-existing.  These threat sometimes can be for our physical, emotional, spiritual or psychological well-being, but almost all other times we do observe negative consequences. While there are certain things that trigger fear in most of us, we can learn to become afraid of nearly anything.  Some common fear triggers include:

  • Real environmental dangers or loss of visibility of surroundings due to darkness etc.
  • Response to certain specific objects or situations (spiders, snakes, heights, flying, etc.)
  • Future; especially socio-economical securities or sense of being unprotected.
  • Phobia.
  • Social interaction and/or rejection.
  • The unknown or Death.

Among common triggers of fear the first six arose are in gross bodily level and seen, observed, tested by self-evaluation, psychological counselling or similar methods so can be treated by repeating exposure to similar situations leads to familiarity, systematic desensitization, flooding technique, coping under the guidance of trained mental health professional. Other supportive treatments can be give/get social support, practice mindfulness, use stress management technique etc.

The last one fear trigger “the death” is the subtle fear that cannot be seen, identified, evaluated or treated by external means. All of us (all living entity has this fear) inbuilt and we alone are able to tackle the situation. As we know more the energy is subtle more it is powerful. The fear of death is very subtle in level. Cannot be easily identified.

How to Overcome Fear

Fear is not a product of life. Fear is a product of a hallucinatory mind. We suffer that which does not exist because we are rooted not in reality but in Our mind, which is constantly eating up on the past and excreting into the future. We don’t actually know anything about future. We just take a piece of the past, apply make-up on it and think it is future.

We can plan Our tomorrow but we cannot live in Our tomorrow. But right now people are living in tomorrow and that is why there is fear. The only thing we can do about this is, come down to reality, learn about the truth of this life and after. If we just respond to what is there right now and instead imagine something that does not exist, place our self in the platform of absolute there is no room for fear. Once we overcome the illusory energy (Maya), where is fear? We will not imagine something that does not exist, we will respond to what exists right now, as saying goes on past is history, future is Mystery, present is gift-live it.

Please look at it and see, what the hell can happen after all? At the most we will die, nothing more. At least live before we die because anyway, we will die. We are not wishing it upon ourselves. We are planning to live for many years, but it may happen or may not. There is really no security with life. It is full of uncertainty. It is just a question of how gracefully and with how much freedom we lived this life. How much we progressed in the path of self-realization? How near we reached to the absolute? If we have lived the life of quest heeding the absolute, it will be worth dying. Otherwise life will be a regret, death too will be a regret.

Now to tackle FEAR some basic points needed to be espoused.

  1. Eating habits: Energy cannot be destroyed; Universal fact. All thoughts are energy influenced from our diet and when our diet is outcome of meek, terror, flesh, bloodshed, torture, fear etc. or the GMO foods then we do have to bear ominous consequences. These foods mess with the universal intelligence, the core DNA of each seed and animal. This DNA contains the primordial essence, which makes a plant or animal healthy, happy and nutritious. Food tampering and modification, intensive farming is simply not harmonious. If our food source is not happy, tempered or full of fear, then we too are absorbing this disharmony and fear. The same energy is flowing in us.
  2. Comprehensive Lifestyle: To encounter fear, we should analyze and ask. We should ask questions to our mind. Analyzing and asking is based on how much we study? So, study of inspirational and revered materials like Vedic Scriptures (Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagavad etc.) helps our mind stimulation. Reading these books helps us to uplift our consciousness in higher dimensional platform and stops mind to be washed away by splashes of illusory energy, resulting us to stand on firm faith to reality.

Take Blissful Sleep from for six hours and get up early at least at 4:00 AM take a cold shower and then sit for Mantra meditation, the prescribed methodology to make our human form of life materially, mentally and spiritually success should be always in focus. It helps us to be focused, elevated and sharp sighted.

Yoga (exercise) is another important aspect of the healthy routine, because it helps enhance our mental platform to spiritual and also burns away toxins. It’s important to choose the right exercise for our body type and for the season.

  1. Search for ultimate truth: Ignorance is the main cause of fear. When we place ourselves in the light of knowledge then fear of darkness disappears. Vedic scriptures explain:

bhayaà dvitéyäbhiniveçataù syäd / éçäd apetasya viparyayo ‘småtiù

Fear arises when a living entity misidentifies himself as the material body because of absorption in the external, illusory energy of the creator. When the living entity thus turns away from the absolute, he also forgets his own constitutional position as a part and parcel of the supreme.  (SB 11.2.37)

When a living entity turn away from the truth then loose his constitutional position resulting unknown fear in the core of mind. Death is invincible. But fear of death can be overruled if we fix ourselves in relation with the absolute. We can take an example of a mouse, kitten and a cat. Considering cat as a death if we can establish the loving relation with death as kitten has with cat, then the death is safest place in whole universe but if we turn our back to truth then our position becomes that of mouse, for whom the same safest mouth of cat can be the most fearful place in the universe.

Furthermore, it is explained in SB 1.7.7:

yasyäà vai çrüyamäëäyäà kåñëa parama-püruñe

bhaktir utpadayate puàsaù çoka-moha-bhayäpahä

Simply by giving aural reception to this Vedic literature, the feeling for loving devotional service to Supreme Personality of Godhead, Sri Krishna, sprouts up at once to extinguish the fire of lamentation, illusion and fearfulness.

Explaining in a line; Fear arises due to illusion and can be removed by perceiving The Absolute.


Hare Krishna.


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