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As human beings, we all strive for happiness – it’s a universal goal that unites us. However, in our pursuit of lasting joy, we often turn to temporary material possessions, without realizing that we are losing touch with our true identity and nature. Even though we celebrate the achievements of modern science and consider them the pinnacle of human knowledge, it’s surprising to learn that many of these discoveries and innovations were already documented in ancient Vedic scriptures thousands of years ago. Unfortunately, we are often unaware of this fact and believe that our contemporary understanding, which is limited by our imperfect senses, is the only truth and the path to happiness.

The articles presented in this collection were originally published in different international journals or transcribed from presentations and seminars titled “Why Vedic Studies?” These were delivered on various occasions, specifically for scientific communities, practitioners, researchers, and students. Although they (the presentations and talks) were not initially intended for publication, their purpose was to enlighten the minds of listeners and guide them towards real knowledge and self-realization. The aim was to empower individuals to achieve life’s ultimate goal – eternal happiness through dedicated service to their divine lordship, the absolute source of pleasure. By doing so, one could break free from the material shackles of recurring birth, death, diseases, and aging.

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Hare Krishna.

Sripad Srivas Krishna Das Brahmacari



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