Food and Consciousness: Elevating Consciousness beyond the modes of material nature through eating habit


“We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are.”- Adelle Davis

All these scientific invention, findings, researches and discoveries are the greatest learning and gift of modern science and technology we observe and it is intended to provide us with real peace of mind, body and soul, the real happiness and the universal brotherhood. But Not knowing or Neglecting this fact that behind our eating habits there is greater science to be understood about uplifting our consciousness to the platform of absolute peace and happiness, we are putting ourselves in condition to blindly believe that whatever we know today by help of our imperfect senses is only the truth and the science or the way to happiness.

It’s no more any secret that modern life is quite stressful. There are so many things competing for our attention in this technological age that more and more of us are living in a constant state of stimulation. We’re on edge and forever “wired”. For many of us meditation, yoga etc is being practiced as a beautiful way to find stillness and peace of the mind, but many people find this quite challenging. They can’t get rid of the racing thoughts and fidgeting body. What a lot of people don’t realize is that the food we consume plays a huge role in our ability to reach that inner peace and deep meditative state. That our nervous system and brain simply will not allow us to transcend our body when certain nutrients are not present, or when we’re in  a state of nutritional stress.

As we all know the food we eat has an enormous influence on us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. To our amazement since antiquity the great Risihis have observed, tested, verified, practiced and documented the relative nature of food and its impact on our consciousness in Vedic scriptures. As a matter of fact our action is reflection of our thoughts provoked from the consciousness we carry.

First we need to understand what is Food? Food is sustenance or the energy to maintain our life force and body together. In one term we can say we are like electrical beings formed of frequency (from food we consume) so we need frequencies that activate our own electrical system, to sustain us. Electrical frequencies feed our field which feeds whole body – from the outside and the inside. Every living being functions by energy obtained from food and resonates on a particular frequency.

According to reveled Vedic scriptures there are four levels of consciousness as per the types of food we consume based on modes of material nature and its impact on body. These four levels of foods we consume and parallel consciousnesses developed are Tamas (inertia, darkness), Rajas (passion, motion), Sattwa (light, bliss and goodness) and VishudaSattwa (Divine, realization of absolute truth).

ShantaVritti (Equilibrium or balance and peace) comes out of Sattwik food, GhoraVritti(anger, unsteadiness) from Rajasik food and MudhaVritti (laziness (Alasya), carelessness (Pramada) and drowsiness (Tandra)) comes from Tamasik food.

Above all these there exists VishudaSattwik food also known as sanctified food (Prasada) which elevates our consciousness to the level of realizing absolute beauty beyond space, time and mater based physical perception.

A Tamsic diet (Food in mode of ignorance) consists of dead food such as meat, fish, poultry, eggs, stale food and processed food full of chemical additives, fast foods, reheated food, alcohol, cigarettes and drugs of addiction. These foods and substances do nothing to lift our energy and consciousness; in fact they pull us downward into laziness and inertia.  Living on tamasic food and substances will lead to complication such as obesity, diabetes, heart and liver disease.  We will feel unmotivated, be careless, unaware of ourselves and others.

As a matter of fact real peace of mind does not come from outside. It is produced in the same mind when the mind is controlled and its thoughts are checked. All thoughts are energy derived from our diet and when our diet is outcome of meek, terror, flesh, bloodshed, torture etc or the GMO foods then we do have to bear ominous consequences. These foods mess with the universal intelligence, the core DNA of each seed and animal. This DNA contains the primordial essence, which makes a plant or animal healthy, happy and nutritious. Food tampering and modification, intensive farming is simply not harmonious. If our food source is not happy, then according to Vedic lore, then we too are absorbing this disharmony.

A Rajasic diet (Food in mode of passion) is one which is overly spicy or hot, includes food with onion and garlic, coffee, fizzy soft drinks, tea, sugary foods and too much chocolate. These foods may give us a lift in energy but ultimately we experience a increased stress.  A predominately rajasic diet destroys the mind-body equilibrium, feeding the body at the expense of the mind.

A rajasic person eating on the run, rush food and experience poor digestion and health as a result.Rajasik foods produce hostile energy to pull us down into restlessness, aggression, and agitation. AsuriSampat-vices like Dambha, Darpa, Krodha, etc.-will drag down our consciousness. The Rajasic mind always wants new sensations and variety making us completely agitated. The Rajasic energy from this type of food has a tendency to look into the defects of others. It also remembers the bad deeds or wrongs done by others and forgets easily their good acts. These two tendencies intensify hatred and cause frequent disturbance in the mind.

A mind which is filled of this rajasic energy will not be good enough to consider others’ happiness as own and will, therefore, be ever reeling. Again, as this mind has not the complacency to rejoice at another’s virtues, there is no internal contentment. Then, as it does not consider others’ sufferings as own, there arises in it no compassion for them creating ill environment around.

A Sattwik diet (food in mode of goodness) is pure vegetarian nourishment and includes fresh fruit and vegetables, fruit and vegetable juices, whole meal bread, pulses, grains and sprouts, nuts, seeds, honey, herbs, milk and dairy products which are free of animal rennet.  These foods will raise our consciousness, inspire us to positive action, deeper meditation and unleash our hidden potential and creativity. Sattwik food is cooked with love and eaten with full awareness and gratitude.

Then alone will our aptitude for activity be subdued and we will be at rest and our thoughts will be stilled. SattvaGuna is purity. It is Prakasa (illumination, light). SattvaGuna is a force favorable for the attainment of eternal peace. DaiviSampat-virtues such as fearlessness, purity of heart, etc.,-will confer liberation from low levels of consciousness on us. The effect of SattvaGuna is Brahmavichara (enquiry or search for Truth; differentiation between Sat and Asat, what is real and what is unreal.)A Sattwik mind is always steady. It finds delight internally. It may stick to one place indefinitely. We can also strengthen chakra (vital energy points) by eating the sattwik foods and supplements that are energetically associated with it, provided we aren’t allergic to those foods and don’t go to extremes. Sattwik foods carry frequency-based messages and have the ability to change our vibration, according to the principles of spiritual nutrition.

A VisuddhaSattwik diet is a Pure Sattwik diet cooked with full positive and affectionate feelings and sanctified and offered as homage to the Supreme and then served, emancipating it from all subtle downbeat vigor and making it the delightful which strengthens our consciousness to the level of absolute beyond the three modes of material nature. The effect of VisuddhaSattwaGuna is Brahmanirnaya (realizing the ultimate truth; attainment of constitutional position of self.)

So purification on all levels of eating habits is PREREQUISITE FOR THE enhancement of the evolution of consciousness.


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