हाम्रो बारेमा

हाम्रो बारेमा

We all have a common aim, to be happy. And not knowing our real identity, real nature we try to get permanent happiness in temporary material inventions. We call these inventions and discoveries the greatest learning and gift of modern science but to our amazement all the discoveries and inventions made recently or to be discovered by modern science and technology were observed, discovered, tested, verified and documented in our Vedic scriptures thousands of year back. Not knowing this fact, we are putting ourselves in condition to blindly believe that whatever we know today by help of our imperfect senses is only the truth and the science or the way to happiness.

Initially the articles published here were not composed as a article to publish but instead (unless specifically mentioned in article itself) these were transcribed from the recordings of presentation and seminars entitled “why vedic studies?” given on different occasions especially for Scientific communities, practitioners, researchers and students, and motto was to reveal the light of real knowledge in the heart of listeners and guide them in the path of self realization, so they can achieve the goal of life to be happy eternally serving absolute source of pleasure – their divine lordship, and thus be freed from the material bondage of repeated birth, death, diseases and old age.

Thank you.

Sripad Srivas Krishna Das Brahmacari